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Car Accidents

​Where Do Car Accidents Most Occur in Tampa?

Traveling through Tampa by vehicle often involves traffic congestion and busy road. You will encounter a bottleneck when driving through or out of the area, and widespread car accidents.

Whether out of carelessness, frustration, or anger, some drivers in Tampa may engage in negligence behind the wheel, causing injury or death to innocent victims in their path.

Although Tampa traffic is a problem throughout the metropolitan area, there are certain hotspots that are not just a traffic problem but a safety problem with a significantly higher rate of car accidents.

If you are a victim of a car accident in Tampa or the surrounding area, you should speak with a knowledgeable car accident lawyer as soon as possible regarding your injuries. You may be eligible for compensation for your damages.

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Tampa Car Accident Statistics

With various big cities across the country and within Florida, it may come as a surprise to learn that Tampa ranks high on the list of the worst traffic in the U.S. Across all major metropolitan areas, Tampa ranks 12th for the worst traffic in the nation. The only two Florida cities ranking higher than Tampa are the Miami and Orlando Metro areas. Unfortunately, with more traffic comes a higher likelihood of car crashes when traveling in the Tampa area.

Tampa is part of Hillsborough County, and crash reports for this area indicate that during one year, over 28,000 car accidents will take place in the county. In these accidents, over 19,000 car accident victims will suffer injuries, and over 200 victims will lose their life due to injuries sustained in a crash.

Most Dangerous Locations for Motor Vehicle Accidents in Tampa

Continuing growth in Tampa in terms of development and population continues to attract new residents that call the area home and tourists that come to the area to visit one of Tampa’s many attractions and hotspots. The more people that travel through the Tampa area, the higher the possibility of a car accident as well as injuries and deaths associated with traffic accidents.

An accident can happen along any of Tampa’s many roads, but there are some areas that present a higher risk of a car crash. There are many factors that can play a part in why some locations are more dangerous to travelers than others.

Factors such as road conditions, infrastructure capabilities, road design, traffic signal visibility, and the rate of pedestrian and bicycle traffic can all play a part in making an area a higher risk for those passing through on the roadways. Local, urban, and city traffic can all have unique risks that may lead to frequent crashes in certain problematic areas.

Special high-risk zones for motor vehicle crashes in the Tampa area include:

  • 15th Street from Fowler to Fletcher Avenue
  • Brandon Boulevard from Falkenburg Rd to Dover Road
  • 50 and 56 Street from MLK Blvd to Hillsborough Avenue
  • Gibonston Drive and Boyette Rd from I-75 to Balm Riverview Road
  • Fletcher Avenue from Armenia Ave to 50th Street

Local Roads

Most drivers that live, work, and visit the Tampa area rather than passing through will, at one point or another, use the extensive network of local roads to get from one destination to the next. Intersections, in particular, create a risky scenario for drivers on city streets and neighborhoods.

The intersecting traffic and congestion common in an intersection, combined with possible pedestrian traffic and the frequent changing of traffic lights and signals, can have destructive consequences when something unexpectedly goes wrong.


Sitting along the western coast of Florida and close to some of the most famous stretches of beaches and beach towns in the state, Tampa welcomes thousands of drivers each day through its major interstates flowing in and out of the area. The I-4, I-75, and I-275 in Tampa are common routes where motor vehicle accidents occur.

However, highways do not have the same dangers as local roads since it is absent intersections and traffic lights, an interstate host its unique set of hazards likely to contribute to a car accident and driver negligence. Excess speed, traffic jams, aggressive drivers, and erratic driver behaviors on the road can lead to a car crash with catastrophic damage and the potential to affect multiple vehicles on an interstate.

Why Do Most Tampa Car Accidents Happen?

When you are a victim of a car accident, you want to know why the crash occurred and for good reason. The person deemed at fault for a collision is the party likely responsible for paying your damages following an accident.

Car crashes can happen for any number of reasons, but the primary cause of nearly all traffic collisions involves negligence. Drivers behind the wheel that act negligently on Tampa roads endanger the lives of everyone traveling near them, including pedestrians, bystanders, drivers, and occupants in other vehicles.

Negligence can look different from one car accident to another depending on the situation and the actions a driver takes in the moments preceding the accident. Any driver who causes harm to another because of their negligence is liable for their actions. When the damage occurs because of a car accident, a victim can pursue compensation from the at fault driver or any available insurance coverage.

Common incidences of negligence leading to Tampa car accidents can include:

Serious Injuries That Can Occur in a Tampa Car Accident

It is impossible to predict or anticipate the type of injuries or the severity of damages you may suffer in a car crash. Car accidents are often violent and consist of a series of chaotic and unpredictable actions leading to a crash and, subsequently, injuries.

You may suffer one injury or a combination of injuries depending on how the accident occurs, where you are sitting in a vehicle during impact, and personal health factors that can make you vulnerable to specific injuries. Although many car accident victims will eventually return to life as usual prior to the crash, there are some victims that will be forever changed because of the injuries they sustain. Car crashes can cause chronic ailments and disabilities, leaving you to battle the effects of an accident for the rest of your life.

Common car accident injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • TBI or Traumatic brain injury, including a concussion
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Other injuries to the head, neck, or back such as whiplash
  • Burns
  • Amputation
  • Tears, ruptures, or strains of soft tissue
  • Sprains or dislocation
  • Internal injuries

What Are Your Rights After a Tampa Car Accident?

As a car accident victim, you have the right to seek compensation. The losses you incur during and after a Tampa car crash can interrupt your life. If you suffer injuries, you may be dealing with significant pain and uncertainty about how your injuries may heal.

You may lose work and income because of your injuries, which can cause you financial distress.

Additionally, burdensome medical bills can begin to arrive, and medical bill collectors may start calling for payment. You do not need to face this burden alone, and you may have legal options to recover money to help you overcome these adverse effects after an accident and begin to move forward.

Your rights after a car accident in Tampa can depend on the factors surrounding the accident and the damages you sustain. A Tampa car accident lawyer can help you understand how the law applies in your case and what compensation you may be eligible for.

What Damages Can You Recover After a Tampa Crash?

A car crash does not only impact your commute on a particular day; it can upend your life in a matter of moments and cause widespread negative effects on your recovery and in the future. If you suffer an injury, you will likely need to take time to rest and heal at home in the days and weeks following a crash.

During this time, you may not  work, and the impacts of losing income can make it challenging for you to meet living expenses and familial responsibilities. Additionally, there are many cases when a victim sustains injuries that never fully heal and result in the development of a disability affecting them for the remainder of their life.

When you are a victim of a motor vehicle accident, the law allows you to seek compensation for certain damages. The type of damages available to a victim and any limitations depend on the laws of the state where the accident occurs.

Typical car accident damages a victim may seek in a claim include:

  • Medical related expenses and costs
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Future income losses
  • Future medical bills

Is a Lawsuit Necessary for a Car Accident Case?

The most common path to recovery a victim can take following a Tampa car accident is to file a claim with the car insurance company with the help of their lawyer.

Your lawyer may not suggest a lawsuit as your first option and, in many cases, you may not need to file one. Most Tampa car accident cases reach a resolution that grants a victim fair compensation through the negotiation of a settlement with the insurance carrier. Your lawyer can work from the outset of your case to build a solid claim to maximize the potential of a successful agreement with the car insurance company in terms of the compensation offered to you.

When negotiations succeed, an insurance claim can resolve and close out once payment reaches the victim per the terms of the agreement.

Although many cases reach a settlement outside of court, there are times when the circumstances of a claim do not allow for a resolution that both the defendant and plaintiff can agree upon. If, with the help of your lawyer, you cannot come to a reasonable agreement with an insurer or defendant in the accident as to the extent of your losses or who is liable, then you may need to take your claim to court.

A car accident victim can file a lawsuit against the insurance company or the parties at fault when there are aspects of the case that require resolution by a court. For example, if an insurance company tries to deny your claim and does not acknowledge liability, then you must sue them to seek a decision from a court.

Another often contentious point of a car accident claim is the level of damages. When an insurer does not offer a settlement that provides reasonable compensation in light of the extent of your maximum damages, then you must ask a court to address your case.

How Can a Tampa Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Frank Fernandez, lawyer for car accidents in Tampa
Frank Fernandez, Car Accident Attorney in Tampa

Fighting for your rights as a car accident victim is challenging and overwhelming. It is hard to navigate the uncertainty of an insurance claim without the help of a lawyer that protects your rights against the interests of the insurance company and the defendant in the case.

When you make the decision to hire a Tampa car accident attorney, you are prioritizing and protecting your rights under the law against the parties responsible for the harm caused to you in a crash.

After a Tampa car accident, a car accident lawyer can:

  • Investigate the crash
  • Collect evidence to support your claim
  • Calculate your damages to reflect the maximum possible losses to you
  • Communicate with the defendants, the insurance company, and other parties relating to your claim
  • Negotiate a settlement whenever possible that accounts for your losses
  • Represent you in a professional manner and remain abreast of all developments in your case
  • Advise you throughout the claims process and notify you of settlement offers or if you need to file a lawsuit

If you suffer an injury in a Tampa car accident, contact a Tampa personal injury lawyer for a free evaluation.