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As a responsible Florida property owner, you probably have a policy with an insurance company to protect your home or business from certain damaging events. Sometimes, although you pay substantial premiums to that insurance company, the company doesn’t pay what you expect or need when you have a valid claim under your insurance policies. When this happens, schedule a free consultation with a Tampa insurance claims lawyer at the Fernandez Firm Accident Injury Attorneys to learn how we can help.

Tampa homeowners and businesses currently face dramatic annual increases in property insurance rates — especially after recent hurricanes and other severe weather created multiple insurance disputes throughout Florida. According to industry statistics, the average Florida homeowner paid $4,231 per year to insure their property before Hurricane Ian. In the rest of the nation, the average homeowner’s policy payment was only $1,544 per year.

As a result of Hurricane Ian, industry analysts expected Florida insurance costs to increase by 40 percent. In many areas of the Sunshine State, we expect higher rate increases. Unfortunately, when disaster strikes and you must file an insurance claim, all too often, you find that you are not “in good hands” and your “good neighbor” is now refusing to pay for your repair costs. Luckily, you don’t need to face insurance coverage disputes alone.

Dedicated Tampa Insurance Claim Lawyers Frank Fernandez and Jennifer Fernandez Protect Your Rights in Insurance Coverage Disputes

insurance claimAt the Fernandez Firm Accident Injury Attorneys, we handle more than just personal injury matters. When it comes to property insurance disputes, our Tampa insurance claims attorneys understand the difficulty of dealing with a stingy insurance company. We help families and business owners bring valid claims for home, automobile, property, fire, or flood damage and fight insurance coverage disputes. We make sure you receive the coverage you have paid for with every premium payment and the compensation you deserve under the terms of your Florida policy.

Whether your losses started with a leaky toilet, a sinkhole in your backyard, or even commercial property damage at your company’s multi-million dollar development, our experienced team can take on the insurance company and help resolve your matter. We work with qualified experts who can help ensure you get the insurance coverage protection you deserve and the maximum claim settlement possible. With over $40 million in jury verdicts and negotiated settlements, our complex insurance claims results speak for themselves.

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Helping Florida Policyholders With Insurance and Personal Injury Claims Throughout the Sunshine State

When a car accident or severe weather event damages your property, you probably have a valid claim with your insurance company. Then an apparently straightforward request for coverage may become an insurance nightmare.

After Hurricane Ian, we are seeing many overwhelmed insurance companies that don’t have the personnel to process their policyholders’ claims or the financial resources to pay for covered losses.

According to the Insurance Information Insitute, the majority of insurance policyholders’ property damage claims fall into these major categories:

  • Wind and hail = 45.5 percent,
  • Water and freezing = 20 percent,
  • Fire and lightning = 24 percent,
  • Other miscellaneous valid claims = 10.5 percent

To increase their bottom line, an insurance company will try to exclude damages or reduce the amount needed to fully compensate homeowners for their losses. If this happens to you, call us for your free consultation today with a tenacious Tampa insurance claim lawyer at Fernandez Firm Accident Injury Attorneys.

How to Deal with a Delayed Claim Payment, Lowball Settlement Offer, or Denied Insurance Claim

insurance claimWhen you need to file a claim with your insurance company but don’t know where to start, we can help you from the beginning of the process. If you already filed a claim and your insurer has delayed your payment, offered an insufficient settlement amount, or outright denied your claim, we can help you. It’s time to partner with a Tampa insurance claims lawyer at Fernandez Firm Accident Injury Attorneys who will stand up for your rights and seek justice for your family or business.

We are attorneys Frank and Jennifer Fernandez, and we have extensive experience investigating, preparing, negotiating, and even litigating property insurance claims for homeowners and business owners in Tampa and throughout Florida. We help insurance policyholders resolve insurance claims arising from many situations, including:

Car and other vehicle damage – Whether your vehicle was damaged in a car accident or a tree fell on it during a storm, your insurance policy may cover the damage and provide payments to repair or replace your vehicle. We can provide the information and evidence needed to support your claim and ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Hurricane and storm damage – If you live along one of Florida’s coasts, you know what devastation tropical storms can cause. Our neighbors in Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and even the Tampa and St. Pete areas suffered extensive losses after the

latest round of storms. Even inland, you may have experienced substantial property damage from rain, wind, or a tornado. We can review your homeowner’s policy to determine your coverage and which damages we can claim to protect your interests after a severe weather event.

Flood damage – A burst pipe, a storm surge during a hurricane, or a hole in your roof that allows rain to pour into your home’s interior can lead to flood damage. Many insurance policies exclude certain flood damage, and adjusters will try to exclude your flood claim so the company doesn’t have to pay. We can fight for the compensation you deserve under the terms of your policy.

Home insurance claims – Your homeowner’s policy may cover you if a broken pipe, fallen tree, theft, roof damage from strong winds, mold, or other events damage your home. Some insurers try to exclude certain types of damage, so you need to understand what your policy covers. For example, many companies exclude toxic mold removal and remediation from standard homeowners’ policies.

Commercial property insurance claims – When you run a business with a physical location, you depend on that property for your livelihood—and that includes the farms and citrus orchards that lost millions of dollars of crops and trees in Hurricane Ian. If your commercial property is damaged, file an insurance claim as quickly as possible to help you resume business quickly and avoid further business losses. We can take on your insurer if it denies coverage or tries to shortchange your claim.

Fire damage – A home fire can be one of the most traumatic events in your life. Even after extinguishing the flames, you may find extensive smoke and water damage. To remember and provide an inventory of everything you own can present huge challenges, as can placing a value on your personal property. We can help you sort through your policy and prepare a claim to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Sinkhole losses – When the ground suddenly collapses under your home or vehicle, you might lose your car, portions of your home, or other insured property in the blink of an eye. The Florida Department of Financial Services has determined that homeowners’ policies must provide coverage for “catastrophic ground hole” damages, but some adjusters may disagree. We fight for insureds experiencing sudden sinkholes to help them recover the money they need to replace the property lost in the sinkhole.

Our Tampa insurance claims lawyers also help homeowners address other legal issues, including how to respond to an insurer that treats its clients with bad faith tactics.

What Is a Florida Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

Sometimes when policyholders file valid claims for property damage, the insurance company doesn’t resolve the claims in good faith. An insurance company acts in bad faith when it denies a valid claim without justification or violates the terms of your insurance policy.

Florida Statutes section 624.155 defines bad faith as a situation involving a company that fails to settle a claim that it could have resolved fairly and honestly. If your insurer doesn’t investigate your claim, refuses to resolve your matter in a timely manner, or denies your claim without justification, it may have acted in bad faith. We can bring a bad faith claim and seek justice under Florida statutory law or common law for you, if necessary, and can file litigation when your insurer tries to deny your rights.

Attorney’s Fees & Costs – Your Insurer Pays When You Win!

The law in our state is specifically designed to protect consumers who win disputed Florida insurance claims.  When an insured individual or business  is forced to sue their own insurance company, and prevails, the insurance company must pay not only the benefits due under the insurance policy, but also the consumer’s attorney’s fees and legal costs associated with bringing a lawsuit.  If you have been wrongfully denied insurance benefits, don’t give up — contact the Fernandez Firm Accident Injury Attorneys today to get the benefits you deserve.

Florida Insurance Law Requires Prompt Reporting to Avoid a Denied Insurance Claim After an Automobile Accident.

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***Important Tip: After a car accident, injury victims must file a Florida insurance claim within 14 days or risk losing thousands of dollars in insurance coverage they already paid for. Even if someone else’s negligence caused the damage and you are not at fault, you must bring a claim quickly. Don’t wait! Ensure you get the insurance protection you deserve.

If a Florida car crash caused by another driver’s negligence injured you, work with a team that can handle your personal injury litigation and your property damage claim. Contact Frank Fernandez and Jennifer Fernandez, experienced Tampa insurance claims lawyers, who can protect your legal rights.

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