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Fernandez Firm Tampa Burn Injury Attorney A burn is an injury to the skin caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, radiation or friction.  Most burns are only superficial in nature, affecting the epidermal or outer layer of the skin. Burns extending into the deeper tissues of a burn victim’s body, such as the muscles, bone and blood vessels are classified as second degree burns, third degree burns or fourth degree burns.

It is critical for burn victims to seek immediate medical treatment as these painful injuries can result in disability, disfigurement, permanent scarring, amputation of an affected limb and, in severe cases, death.  Complications such as shock, infection, multiple organ failure and respiratory distress may result from a burn injury and, thus all burns should be treated quickly and properly managed.

At the Fernandez Firm, our Tampa burn injury attorneys have extensive litigation experience representing burn victims injured by car and truck accidents, negligent chemical exposure, cosmetic surgery and medical malpractice. With over $50 million in settlements and jury verdicts, we are a leading personal injury law firm in Florida

Experienced Tampa Burn Injury Attorneys

Tampa Attorney Frank F. Fernandez, III, recovers $250,000 policy limits for 59-year-old burn victim who suffered a second degree burn and permanent facial scarring during an elective, “minimally-invasive,” cosmetic laser procedure.   At the time of the burn injury, the Tampa eye doctor against whom the lawsuit was filed, did not supervise the treatment provided by his non-qualified technician who had no medical or nursing training and little experience in cosmetic laser surgery.

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Tampa Burn Injury Lawyer, Frank Fernandez

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