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Lakeland Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Lakeland
Despite public awareness campaigns and harsh criminal and civil penalties, drunk driving continues to cause devastation throughout the Lakeland area each year. From high-speed accidents on I-4 to wrecks on Bartow Road, drivers who make the reckless choice to get behind the wheel after drinking put others in danger of crashes that often result in fatalities and serious injuries.

If you suffered injuries in a Lakeland drunk driving accident, you may need a drunk driving accident lawyer to help you seek the compensation you deserve. Contact Frank and Jennifer Fernandez of The Fernandez Firm today for a free consultation to learn about your right to compensation.

The Fernandez Firm: We Want to Win Lakeland Drunk Driving Accident Cases

At The Fernandez Firm, we don’t get paid unless we win, and we are committed to helping Lakeland drunk driving accident victims seek much-needed compensation for their injuries. Our firm has recovered more than $100 million in damages for the victims of serious injuries due to someone else’s wrongful actions.

Our past auto accident results include:

  • $850,000 awarded to a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury and back injuries in an auto accident
  • $450,000 awarded for the family of a wrongful death victim in a car accident
  • $274,434 awarded to a woman who suffered serious back and neck injuries in a car crash
  • $236,000 awarded for a woman who suffered spinal injuries in a T-bone accident
  • $200,000 awarded to a victim who suffered facial scarring and head and neck injuries

Our past successes do not guarantee the outcome of future matters we handle. However, at The Fernandez Firm, we do guarantee we will fight to help our clients recover as much compensation as possible.

We work with our clients at every step of the process of seeking payment for their injuries and losses, from helping them understand the full compensation they deserve and collecting evidence related to the accident to putting together a clear, compelling claim. We fight to get our clients paid for harm caused by Lakeland drunk driving accidents.

Lakeland Drunk Driving Accident Hazards

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), drunk driving accidents exact a heavy, constant toll on Lakeland-area roads. Over the past few years, drunk drivers have consistently caused between 140 and 150 crashes per year in Polk County, resulting in dozens of deaths, hundreds of injuries, millions in costs, and untold personal suffering.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the drumbeat of tragedy is likely to slow. Lakeland has witnessed considerable population growth over the past few years, which translates into more drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians on our roads and, inevitably, more drunk drivers.

As always, those reckless drunk drivers create a host of dangers for innocent Lakeland residents, workers, and visitors with whom they share the road.

Lakeland Drunk Drivers Suffer From Severely Impaired Driving Abilities

Drunk driving occurs whenever a Lakeland area driver gets behind the wheel while impaired by the effects of alcohol. Although the legal limit for intoxication in Florida is a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent, most drivers begin to feel the impairing effects of alcohol well before then.

Consuming alcohol can before driving can:

  • Slow reaction times, making it difficult for drivers to stop a vehicle when they perceive a hazard, or to keep a vehicle under control.
  • Interfere with the judgment of speed and distance, making drunk drivers liable to speed, tailgate, and misperceive where their vehicle is compared to others.
  • Impair vision, causing blurred or double vision behind the wheel.
  • Erode motor skills, making it difficult for drivers to navigate curves or keep a vehicle in a travel lane.
  • Diminish decision-making abilities, causing drivers to make poor choices at intersections or when yielding the right of way to other vehicles.

Any of these impairments, on its own, can easily result in a deadly accident. However, with drunk drivers, they occur in combination, exponentially increasing the risk of a crash.

At The Fernandez Firm, we believe in holding drunk drivers and anyone else responsible for their actions accountable for the harm they cause.

Drunk Driving Accidents in Lakeland Can Leave Victims with Severe Injuries

In many cases, drunk driving accidents leave victims with more severe injuries than they might otherwise sustain in a car accident. Drunk drivers tend to commit mistakes behind the wheel that lead to more dangerous accidents, like head-on and T-bone collisions, and those accidents tend to happen at higher speeds. As a result, victims of Lakeland drunk driving accidents face a risk of sustaining severe or fatal injuries, many of which can have lifelong repercussions.

We have helped clients of The Fernandez Firm with these conditions and more.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury. Victims with traumatic brain injury may have severe impacts that change the course of their lives. Even victims with minor traumatic brain injury may suffer from symptoms that linger more than a year after a Lakeland drunk driving accident. Severe traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent impairments resulting in problems with concentration, cognition, motor coordination, communication, short-term and long-term memory, and emotional regulation.
  • Back and Neck Injuries. Many car accidents, including drunk driving accidents, result in severe back and neck injuries. From herniated discs to spinal cord injuries, those injuries can cause severe, ongoing pain for the victim. While herniated discs and muscle injuries may cause the victim to suffer from immense pain, spinal cord injuries may result in loss of mobility and may even interfere with proper organ function below the site of the injury.
  • Facial Injuries. Drunk driving accidents also frequently result in facial injuries, including severe lacerations that leave lasting scars. Facial injuries may result from a driver’s head colliding with the steering wheel, broken glass from the windshield, or sharp items flying around the cabin of a car in an impact. Many victims struggle with the emotional impact of facial scarring, since it may permanently change their appearance.
  • Amputations and Crushed Limbs. Some severe auto accident injuries to limbs result in amputation or loss of functional use. The force of drunk driving accidents often causes substantial damage to a vehicle’s body, which in turn can pinch or crush limbs and appendages. Victims who lose a limb to amputation may struggle with many daily tasks. While many use a prosthetic device to help improve overall mobility and function or to restore normal appearance, prosthetic devices often prove expensive, which means they may represent an ongoing financial burden for many victims.
  • Broken Bones. Many drunk driving accident victims sustain broken bones. Even a single broken bone, which may require surgical treatment to set properly, can permanently limit the victim’s mobility or lead to chronic pain for the rest of the victim’s life. More severe injuries, including multiple broken bones, may cause the victim to struggle with self-care or make it difficult for the victim to engage in normal activities while recovering.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim After a Lakeland Drunk Driving Accident Can Help

If you suffered serious injuries in a Lakeland drunk driving accident, the experienced attorneys at The Fernandez Firm can help you understand the options available to you for seeking and recovering compensation from the at-fault parties.

How Much Compensation Should I Expect After a Lakeland Drunk Driving Accident?

Lakeland drunk driving accident victims need compensation to help them pay medical bills and to cover the wages they miss out on earning while incapacitated by their injuries. How much compensation should you expect? At The Fernandez Firm, we cannot guarantee how much money you might obtain for your drunk driving accident injuries.

However, most drunk driving accident claims can seek:

  • Compensation for Medical Expenses. Medical expenses often constitute a significant portion of the damages victims seek to recover through a drunk driving accident injury claim. The amount of medical expenses usually depends on the extent of an individual’s injuries—the more serious the injuries, the higher the current and future costs.
  • Compensation for Lost Wages and Income. Drunk driving accident injuries often prevent victims from returning to work temporarily or permanently. The resulting loss of wages and income often makes up part of a drunk driving accident injury claim. At The Fernandez Firm, we work closely with our clients to determine not just the amount of time they missed from work due to an injury, but also the impact an injury may have on their future earning potential. No one should suffer a penny’s worth of lost income because of the recklessness of a Lakeland drunk driver.
  • Compensation for Pain and Suffering. Most drunk driving accident claims in Lakeland also seek compensation for the victim’s pain, suffering, and other life difficulties occasioned by an injury or the accident itself. These challenges may not relate directly to an identifiable financial loss, but that does not make them any less devastating for victims and their families. The Fernandez Firm fights for money to compensate our clients for the overall life impact of every drunk driving accident injury, including diminished quality of life, harm to personal relationships, and mental health struggles.

Punitive Damages and Lakeland Drunk Driving Accidents

In some cases, the attorneys at The Fernandez Firm can also seek payment of punitive damages to our clients in drunk driving accident cases. These damages aim to punish extremely wrongful or intentional conduct that led to an injury, which is often the perfect description for the reckless, selfish choice of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol.

Who Is Liable for a Lakeland Drunk Driving Accident?

In most drunk driving accident matters we handle at The Fernandez Firm, the drunk driver bears most of the blame for what happened. The decision to drive drunk is inexcusably reckless, and it almost always saddles the driver with at least some of the legal liability for paying compensation to injured victims.

That does not mean, however, that the drunk driver is the only party who may have liability for a Lakeland drunk driving crash. At The Fernandez Firm, we examine the facts of every client’s injuries to determine whether other parties share liability with a drunk driver.

For example:

  • The employer of a drunk driver may face liability if the driver crashed a work vehicle, especially if the employer knew, or should have known, of the driver’s proclivity for driving drunk.
  • The manufacturer of any vehicle involved in a Lakeland drunk driving crash could also bear some of the blame, if (for example) a vehicle’s defective parts contributed to the cause of an accident.
  • A Lakeland-area bar, restaurant, or alcohol licensee if it sold alcohol to a drunk driver who was a minor, or to someone who was known to have a habitual addiction to alcohol.
  • A municipal agency if it designed, built, or maintained local roads in an unreasonably unsafe condition that made the drunk driving accident more likely to occur.

These are just some of the parties who could share liability with a drunk driver who causes a harmful accident in Lakeland. The team at The Fernandez Firm understands the importance of identifying every party with potential liability for a Lakeland drunk driving accident victim’s injuries so that our client has the best possible chance of securing maximum compensation.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Lakeland
Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer, Frank Fernandez

Do You Need a Lakeland Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer?

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