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Trucking Accidents

Tampa Truck Accidents

If you watch the local news, you’ve probably noticed how frequently semis are involved in accidents. Whether the semi hits a stationary object and causes property damage or crashes with other cars or commercial trucks on the road, the damage that ensues can be devastating. If you’ve suffered a loss as the result of a semi accident in the Tampa or surrounding area, contact an experienced attorney who specializes in commercial truck accidents and who can see that you’re properly compensated for your losses.

Determining the Cause

Semi accidents occur for a variety of reasons. While accidents are not always preventable, truck drivers often make mistakes that increase the likelihood of a crash. Attorneys who specialize in semi accidents can use their considerable resources to determine the cause of an accident and help you obtain the proper compensation afterward.

Operator Error

Whether a driver is new or experienced, it’s possible for him to make mistakes that result in deadly accidents. Taking a turn too quickly, not leaving enough time or space for braking to avoid vehicles that are stopped ahead of them, or simply driving too fast often results in accidents.

Impaired Drivers

An impaired driver who climbs behind the wheel is created a dangerous situation for anyone in his or her vicinity. Although it’s illegal for truck drivers to use substances that impair their judgment and reactions, it does happen. Drivers can also become impaired by sleepiness. Whether they’ve driven too many hours or not gotten enough sleep the night before, drowsiness is a very real problem that causes truck drivers to crash. Drivers who are distracted by cell phone use also cause accidents. Whether they’re texting or simply have one hand off of the wheel while holding the phone, either action can result in a serious accident.

Improperly-Loaded Trucks

Alternatively, a truck that’s been loaded heavier than the law allows or in a way that allows the load to shift may be the reason a truck driver loses control and crashes. Drivers are responsible for securing the loads in their trailers and for weighing the truck to determine that it is not overweight. Failing to do so may make them responsible when things go awry on the road.

Equipment Failure

Truck drivers are responsible for checking their equipment at the beginning and end of their driving shifts. Pre-trip and post-trip inspections of their tractors and trailers are required by law. Such inspections allow drivers to locate potential faults in their equipment. Drivers who fail to perform these inspections or perform them poorly may find themselves liable for an accident caused by their neglect.

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There are many causes of semi truck accidents and innocent automobile drivers, pedestrians, or other truck drivers often become injured as a result. To ensure that your accident is properly investigated and the responsible party is held liable, call the Fernandez Firm Accident Injury Attorneys who specializes in representing victims of semi truck accidents. Then, and only then, will you have the peace of mind that accompanies knowing you’re well-represented. Call the Fernandez Firm Accident Injury Attorneys today to get started on your road to recovery.