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$236,000 Final Judgment
Car Accident Clearwater, Florida
Parties: Phillips v. Tokarz, State Farm and USAA Insurance Company
Florida Injury Attorneys: Jennifer Fernandez and Frank Fernandez of the Fernandez Firm.
Age/Sex/Occupation of Plaintiff: 29 / Female / School Teacher
Negligence: Verdict and Final Judgment on behalf of a 24-year-old woman who sustained a pars fracture of her spine in a T-bone motor vehicle collision. The defendant driver and the Plaintiff’s own underinsured motorist insurer claimed the injury was a unrelated birth defect. In the end, the Defendants insurer State Farm was required to pay the Judgment and the Fernandez Firm $113,000 in attorneys’ fees and legal costs due to their refusal to accept Plaintiff’s offer to settle the case prior to trial.

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    Attorney Eric Smith
    Stratton Faxon
    New Haven, CT