$850,000 Car Accident Clearwater, Florida

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Age/Sex/Occupation of Plaintiff28 / F / Airline Reservation Agent

NegligencePersonal injury settlement recovery for a woman who suffered closed head injuries including post concussive syndrome, post traumatic migraines, depression and low back herniation injury requiring a spinal fusion. On May 20, 2004, the Plaintiff was the restrained driver of a vehicle traveling northbound in the inside lane of Belcher Road, approaching the intersection of Cleveland Street, in Pinellas County, Florida. At that same time, another vehicle was stopped in the northbound median lane, waiting to make a left turn. As the Plaintiff passed this stopped vehicle, suddenly the Defendant pulled in front of the stopped vehicle and into the Plaintiffs lane of travel, striking her driver’s side door. The impact of the collision sent the Plaintiff’s’ VW bug into an uncontrollable spin and the left temporal region of her skull struck the window of her driver’s side door. The impact of her head was so severe it broke the tempered glass and she briefly lost consciousness.

Editor's Note

At the time of this incident, the negligent driver had $250,000 in auto insurance coverage. Just prior to trial, Defendant’s insurer paid $500,000 over the negligent driver’s insurance policy limits to settle this case. Florida injury lawyer Frank Fernandez also recovered $100,000 from the Plaintiff’s uninsured/underinsured UM motorist carrier once a lawsuit was filed.
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