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Bedsores Medical Malpractice

How Much Is a Bedsore Lawsuit Worth?

Frank Fernandez
According to the Agency for Health Care Administration, Florida has more than 190,000 beds available at hospitals, nurse homes and assisted living facilities. While these beds are not 100 percent filled, a significant portion of our most vulnerable population relies on medical care in these facilities. While Florida skilled nursing facilities rank among the best in the country, neglect remains a problem. Bedsores pose a problem in nearly every situation that involves a person confined...

Are Hospitals Responsible for Bedsores?

Frank Fernandez
While we often do not consider the risk of receiving inadequate care when we are stuck in the hospital, such care is a real concern. Bedsores are one possible outcome of inadequate care. Hospitals face a significant challenge when fighting against a patient lawsuit stemming from bedsores—they are preventable medical incidents. This almost always makes them liable when a patient gets bedsores. What Are Bedsores? Bedsores are also known as pressure ulcers. They are very...