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$200,000 Tampa Car Accident Settlement

13-year-old Austin had just started his sophomore year in high school when a negligent, uninsured driver ran a red light and forever changed his life.  Austin’s parents — small business owners who had wisely purchased “uninsured motorist” (UM) coverage to protect their family in this situation — made a claim under their UM coverage.  Soon thereafter, in addition to getting treatment for their son’s devastating head and neck injuries, Austin’s parents found themselves facing another dilemma: their insurance company’s “take or leave it” final offer of less than ¼ of the UM benefits they had been promised.  It was then that Austin’s parents sought help from Tampa injury lawyer Frank Fernandez.  On April 1, 2013, after years of litigation and just prior to jury selection, the defendant insurance company settled with the family for $200,000 – nearly three times the amount of their original offer.