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$136,000 Jury Verdict Against Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Tampa car accident lawyers Frank Fernandez and Jennifer Fernandez obtained a $136,000 jury Verdict on behalf of Albert Ceballos, a 52-year-old Mexican immigrant who suffered low back injuries as a result of two separate car accidents, the first involving a Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy and the second involving an underinsured driver.  At the time of the first collision, which occurred at 1:30 a.m. the Plaintiff was a pedestrian who had stopped to render emergency medical assistance at late night, fatal, car crash. For ten long years, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office denied all responsibility the Plaintiff’s injuries despite the fact that at the time of the incident, its Deputy was off duty, wearing shorts, and claimed to have been visiting his parents just prior to the unexplained late-night pedistrian collision.

NOTE: At the time of trial, the off Deputy was no longer employed by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

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