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Tampa homeowners and businesses face dramatic annual increases in property insurance rates -- even though a hurricane has not struck the state in years.  According to industry statistics, the average Florida homeowner pays more than double for property insurance as in 2007. In some areas of the Sunshine State, the rate increases are much higher.  However, when disaster strikes and you are forced to make a insurance claim, all too often you find that you are not “in good hands” and your “good neighbor” is now refusing to pay all your repair costs.   

At the Fernandez Firm, our Tampa insurance claims lawyers understand the difficulty of dealing with skilled insurance claims adjusters. Whether making a car, home, property, fire or flood insurance claim due to a leaky toilet, sinkhole or property damage at multi-million dollar development, our experienced team will gather qualified experts necessary to ensure you get the protection you deserve and the maximum settlement possible. With over $40 million in jury verdicts and negotiated settlements, our results in handling complex insurance claims speak for themselves.  

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The law in our state is specifically designed to protect consumers who win disputed Florida insurance claims.  When an insured individual or business  is forced to sue their own insurance company, and prevails, the insurance company must pay not only the benefits due under the inusuance policy, but also the consumer's attorney's fees and legal costs associated with bringing a lawsuit.  If you have been wrongfully denied insurance benefits, don't give up -- contact the Fernandez Firm today to get the benefits you deserve.

Recent Car Accident? New Florida Insurance Claims Laws

Effective January 1, 2013, new insurance laws dramatically affect your car accident case when making a Florida insurance claim.  Now, if you don't act within 14 days, you will lose thousands of dollars in insurance coverage you paid for...even if you are not at fault.  Don't wait!  Get the insurance protection you paid for.   If you have been injured in a Florida car crash, it is critical you contact an experienced Florida insurance claims lawyers to protect your legal rights.


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  • As a Connecticut trial lawyer, I have regularly referred a number of personal injury cases to the Fernandez Firm. As skillful and experienced Florida injury attorneys, their lawyers are attentive to our clients’ needs and committed to making their voices heard. I feel very confident that the clients I refer to the Fernandez Firm are in excellent hands.
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