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Families entitled to recover damages following the loss of a loved one need superior legal counsel and representation

The sudden and tragic loss of a loved one due to the negligent, careless or reckless act of another can leave surviving family members in shock and wondering about what to do next. At the Fernandez Firm, our experienced trial attorneys have been advising Lakeland families for more than twenty years about their right to recover damages under Florida’s wrongful death act.

When there is uncertainty about a patient’s death, select attorneys who understand this area of the law.  After all, why hire a lawyer who has never been to trial or never won a multi-million-dollar wrongful death case?  Insurance companies know which law firms are light-weights, which will accept a quick settlement fear of losing and which will hold them accountable for the full value of damages. 

Who may recover damages under the wrongful death laws in Florida

A death caused by the wrongful act of another person or entity may be the basis for a civil lawsuit by the representative of the deceased individual. The legal representative of someone who dies is either an executor named in a last will and testament or an administrator appointed by a court in situations in which the deceased did not leave a will.

Wrongful death cases in Lakeland are brought by the estate, but the damages sought in the lawsuit are on behalf of the surviving members of the individual’s family. Surviving family members entitled to share in the damages recovered in a wrongful death lawsuit include:

  • Spouse and children
  • Parents
  • Blood relatives or adoptive siblings dependent upon the deceased for support

A child born to unmarried parents is entitled to recover damages in the event of the death of the mother. The death of the child’s father might not entitle the child to participate in a wrongful death claim unless paternity was established by a court or acknowledged by the father. 

Damages recoverable in a Lakeland wrongful death claim

A wrongful death attorney at Fernandez Firm understands that the death of a family member can be financially devastating to his or her survivors. Our attorneys use their experience gained from years of handling wrongful death cases to seek the maximum damages allowable under the law, including:

  • The lost financial support and the value of the services provided by the deceased
  • Lost companionship of the deceased
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses and funeral costs paid by a family member

The Estate, and not the individual family members, is entitled to recover damages for the earnings lost by the deceased, including anticipated future earnings and lost net accumulations.  The personal representative is also entitled to recover any funeral and medical expenses paid by the Estate.

It is important to speak to a Lakeland wrongful death attorney right away

As a general rule, wrongful death claims must be filed within two years of the date of death in Florida. Given the very short statute of limitations, it is essential that you contact the Fernandez Firm quickly to protect your legal rights.  Once retained, our Lakeland wrongful death attorneys will begin investigating your case , pursuing just compensation for your terrible loss, so that you can focus on your family and move on with life, through the grieving process.

Contact the Fernandez Firm today at 1(800) 222-8163 to speak with one of our experienced wrongful death attorneys.  The consultation is absolutely free, we do not collect any fees or costs unless we win your family a recovery.



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